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Our Promise

Our Promise on creating awesome consumer health care products

Many people depend on over the counter treatments such as earwax removal kits, sinus congestion treatments and nasal congestion treatments as a first option for meeting family healthcare needs. These products provide a safe, effective, affordable, and convenient way to treat these types of ailments.  


At Karewell, we’re making more health care products that are affordable to a budget-conscious families

Innovative & Appealing

Karewell is more than just innovative products. Every aspect of our products are designed to be effective and attractive.


At Karewell’s we create proven products are 100% drug free to ensure you receive optimal relief without all the side-effects of putting more drugs into your system.

American Made

We strive to insure at least 70% of our products are American Made. We believe this is a better option for you and your family.

Products Powered by You


Karewell Brands relentlessly challenges the health care products you buy. We imagine new ways we can help you live happier and healthier lives. After all, our motto is to serve needs and enhance lives.   



The evolution of the cotton swab and the best earwax removal kit you'll ever use.

Sinus Relaxers 

Provides instant, air-activated, deep penetrating heat that relieves sinus congestion. 

Themo Ball

Instant water-activated hot or cold massage ball that relieves your sinus pressure, migraines and reduces puffiness. 

Nasal Dilators 

Soft yet rigid opens nasal passages from the inside helping to relieve nasal congestion.